Diabenix Herbal Wooden Cup For Diabetes Cholesterol Weight Loss

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Diabenix Herbal Wooden Cup For Diabetes Cholesterol Weight Loss

Product Facts
Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 1 Wooden Cup
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
Additional Information None
Description, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, Ingredients (Composition)
Latin Name: Pterocarpus marsupium
English Name: Indian Kino Tree
Indian Name: Vijaysar / Bijaka / Bijasar
Carved From: Heartwood

* 100% Natural product
* Contains No-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)

Indian Kino Tree / Pterocarpus marsupium / Vijaysar is the only pure herb ever found to regenerate beta cells in the pancreas. Beta cells in the pancreas are the ones that are responsible for the production, storage and release of insulin in the human body. Insulin is the hormone that brings about effects which reduce blood sugar concentration (glucose levels). The Diabocare Herbal Wooden Cup / Tumbler made from the Pterocarpus marsupium tree shows specific support for the beta cells which get worn out in type 2 diabetes.

An aqueous extract of the heartwood of Petrocarpus marsupium is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols. This aqueous extract is achieved by keeping drinking water over night or during the day in the Diabocare Herbal Wooden Cup / Tumbler. The Diabocare aqueous extract has significant effects on both fasting and postprandial blood glucose in type 2 diabetes. One of the earliest metabolic abnormalities to occur in type 2 diabetes is postprandial hyperglycemia. Postprandial hyperglycemia initiates the development of macro vascular and micro vascular complications. Reduced blood glucose levels in the body may be resultant through the enhanced insulin secretion by regenerated (ß-cells) beta cells of islets of Langerhans.