Yogi Kanthika (2 Packs) Cough & Throat Relief Pills

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10x Yogi Kanthika Cough & Throat Relief Pills

Product Facts
Package Type Plastic Jar
Package Content 2x Packs of 140 Tablets Each
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
Additional Information None
Description, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, Ingredients (Composition)
Specially made for throat related disorders. It contains 13 ayurvedic ingredients which have specific benefits. Kanthika relieves throat swelling, irritation and infection. Beneficial in productive and non-productive cough, sore throat and also helps in clearing congestion and clears the voice. Flavor freshens breath.

In Diseases we can use Kanthika as a adjacent medicine (Used with another medicine) to get relief from the signs & symptoms occurring in the diseases as follows:

* Common Cold & Coryza
* Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
* Acute Laryngitis
* Acute Epiglottitis
* Influenza
* Acute Pharyngitis
* Acute Tonsillitis
* Congested throat
* Unproductive cough in post nasal drip

* Mulethi
* Sunth
* Jaiphal
* Tulasi
* Sheetalchini
* Pudina tel
* Lavang tel
* Kapoor
* Ajwain ka satva
* Mulethi Satva
* Babool Ki goond