Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls (Lasuna) (Free Shipping)

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Ranbaxy Garlic Pearls (Lasuna)

Product Facts
Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 100 Softgels
Expiry / Usage Minimum 1 Years
Additional Information None
Product Description
Ranbaxy's Garlic Pearls capture the benefits of garlic oil in an odourless and easy-to-take form. Useful for arteriosclerosis and high bp. Helps with indigestion and gas build up in stomach and intestines. Manages cholesterol levels in your body and helps in chronic cough and cold.

It is traditionally used as food supplement suitable for the whole family. Modern science has discovered that it is the ingredients of garlic oil are responsible for the traditionally accepted health benefits attributed to raw garlic. Garlic contains sulphur compounds which are responsible for many of the beneficial actions of garlic.

* Indigestion
* Stomach Problems
* Cold & Cough
* Cholesterol
* High Blood Pressure

1-2 Garlic Pearls before or after meals.