Online tracking information
Learn how to obtain your tracking number information and track packages online. The tracking number for your order is present in the Shipment Email which is sent to you once your order has been dispatched from our depot in India. Every shipment emails contains tracking information as shown in the sample picture below.

There are 2 aspects to the tracking area in your shipment confirmation email. These are the Shipped By and Tracking Number sections. Please follow this guide on how use this information for online tracking.
Shipped by
This area may contain 1 or 2 different transport carrier names. This simply means that the tracking number can be used on websites for all the carrier names that are mentioned in this area. In the case of 2 carrier names, they will be separated by a double arrow (>>) marking that the shipment would move on from the first carrier onto the second carrier. The first carrier would be the originating carrier and the second one would be the delivery carrier.

In the above example, this shipment would be sent by Indiapost and would finally be delivered by USPS in the United States. The tracking number would work on both the Indiapost website as well as the USPS website. Each country has their own carrier and tracking website. The carrier list for most of the countries along with direct links to their tracking websites can be found below.
Tracking number
This is the tracking number that is assigned to your shipment once it leaves our depot. Tracking information begins to appear on the Indiapost websites within 2-5 days from the date of shipment and can take between 5-9 days to begin to appear on the destination countries postal carriers website. The delivery timeline for all countries can be found on the Shipping & Delivery page.
Country specific carrier codes tracking website links

If your country is not listed above, or in the event any of the above tracking links are inaccessible, please notify us immediately using the Online Contact Form. We will try to incorporate your countries direct tracking website or correct the outdated links within 2 business days of receiving a request.