Shipping and delivery information
Methods of shipping from India
All orders are shipped from India using Registered International Airmail or EMS Speedpost. Packages sent from India connect with local delivery post office in your country. For some countries, tracking is available on the local postal operator's website of your country once the package has entered your country.
Tracking information for packages
A step by step guide has been created on how to track your order once it has been shipped from our depot in India. Please remember as these are international shipments, they undergo Customs Control clearance processes in India. It can take between 5-9 days for tracking information to start showing online on the respective websites. Please visit the Tracking Information page for complete details.
Minimum delivery time from date of shipment
The delivery time period varies on a country to country basis. In rare cases, delivery time period may extend due to delays at customs control in your receiving country. Link to the individual postal tracking websites will be sent in the shipment email once your package has been sent from our depot. Please refer to the below table for an approximate delivery time for your listed country. For countries not listed herein, kindly Contact Us.

Standard Free Shipping
20 - 30 Days
20 - 30 Days
20 - 25 Days
15 - 25 Days
25 - 30 Days
New Zealand
15 - 25 Days
15 - 25 Days
15 - 30 Days
15 - 25 Days
South Africa
15 - 30 Days
15 - 25 Days
United Kingdom
15 - 25 Days
United States
15 - 25 Days
Rest of EU
20 - 30 Days
Rest of Asia
20 - 30 Days
Rest of the world
Military & Armed Forces - Special Delivery Services
25 - 45 Days

Order non-delivery complaints
If your order does not arrive within the stated time period having elapsed, kindly contact us immediately to begin an investigation with the postal services department. It can take upto another 15 days for the postal investigation and package trace to complete. We will need to co-ordinate with the sending post office as well as the post office of the receiving destination country which is a time consuming operation.

These cases are very rare, but do happen once in a while and at times do go beyond our control. All we ask our customers is to please be patient while we resolve such situations, as we will make sure that you receive your order at the earliest.